What are Friends for?

Friends are people, which have no blood relation with us. We can make a friend with everybody we meet in this world. I agree with some people who choose friends from different background, but others choose friends who are similar to us. Friends can come from many backgrounds, for examples, different cultures, different way of thinking, way of life and of course different behaviors.

SD3If we have a chance to go abroad, maybe for training or studying or for taking a vacation, we will meet many participants from all over the world. It is very interesting, isn’t it? We can learn their culture, how they think about something, how they live everyday and sometimes we will know their behavior. If we only make a friend with someone who is similar to you, you will not have a chance to know other people with all their backgrounds. And our friends would be limited. Besides that, if we have many friends, we will make our networking larger. It will give us more opportunities. In making friends, sometimes we have different ideas, but it’s okay, if we can talk and find the solution.

The advantages of having friends, who are similar to us, are almost no argumentation. For example, if our friend comes from the same culture as we and we will do activities, she or he will not argue. It is because you have the same argumentation. Another example, if our friends have the same way of thinking as ours, they will not debate our thought. All of these advantages are good enough, but it will make us feel bored. In appropriate, there is no variation and friends only come from community.

Even though, there are many advantages of having friends who are different from us and also many advantages of having friend who are similar to us, I prefer having friends who are different from me because first, I have chance to know many people from all the world and accept them as the way they are. Second, number of my friends would be unlimited. Third, there are many opportunities from other people to give me corrections of my behaviors, my thoughts, my habits and etc. It would be good for me next time.

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  1. I think I agree about the statement of this article about friends. I have some friend with many backgrounds, and I enjoy it 🙂

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