Sudden Illness

Monday 25th of May, my husband has sudden illness, he does not want to talk, he does not want to eat, mouth closed .. When we asked, he only answered: hm .. hm, placed the spoon to eat or drink in a straw for the lips and he always rejected…. he does not want to be taken to the doctor, finally I call her sister to force my husband to go to the hospital. Previously, the daughter had a high temperature and diagnosed dengue fever, other child was also sick, Daniel was gondongan (mumps). So, I am afraid my husband is also experiencing dengue fever.

Papa d ekahospital

In the ICU, all checks have done, CT Scan, EKG, blood, and check the electrolyte, all clean and in the limit of normal. While the diagnosis: current level of depression. What causes his depression? Nobody knows. There is no problem in the office, he is happy with his new career in this one year. There is no problems at home, I think… … my husband does not want to make any communication at all, and always remove his face when we asked. We take my husband home from the hospital.

At home, many families give suggestions to me, the one that I agree to call a Priest. Priest and Penatua come to pray. I am sad and troubled heart. Quite a lot of relatives who came to turn at 3 o’clock  Tuesday morning, there are many ways to pray. My husband still does not want to open the mouth and the time that I thought, what is indeed taking place … and I feel that death is near … there are some who say the early symptoms of stroke, stroke, and if my husband can not work, what happen with me and our children, who keep and care for my lovely husband, if I go to work?

At 3 AM, Tuesday morning, relatives began to return home. His sister and her family accompany us at home. At 4 AM, my husband is again restless, he sits, wakes up, sleeps, sits, hold for almost 1 hour … and I continue to pray for him, whether he realized or not, finally, he was asleep…

 At 6 AM, he got up and thanks the Lord; he was hungry and would eat a little porridge …. Believe it or not, what’s going on yesterday? Let us keep praying, starting Monday the 1st of June, my husband entered the office and this time began to take driver, he may be tired in the turnaround at the wheel, traveling from home to office to take over 2 hours by car.

 “Tubuh mempunyai keinginan yang tidak kita ketahui. Mereka dipisahkan karena alasan duniawi dan dipisahkan di ujung bumi. Namun jiwa tetap ada di tangan cinta… terus hidup… sampai kematian datang dan menyeret mereka kepada Tuhan…”

(Kahlil Gibran) 

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  1. sudah, Mel, doakan yaa…ini surat yg kukirim ke kamu via FB..trims


  2. Nobody knows what happen will be done, but we must believe to our God…he always gives His hand to solve our problem and to safe our life…

  3. Terimakasih Eda atas segala bantuannya buat Bp Dita dan kami sekeluarga. Tuhan berkati yaa…

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