OJEK, is one of transportation, which is usually a two-wheeled motor vehicle or bicycle, driven by a driver to travel a certain distance to a destination. So, Ojek means Motorcycle taxis. The way of payment depending on the agreement between the passenger with the driver. Currently, because of it is simpler than a car, many people use motorcycles than other rental vehicles such as taxis, of course if it does not need to consider the convenience factor. The most important thing, it could only arrive at their destination on time, rental vehicles in the form of this motorcycle taxi is the most appropriate.

Motorcycle taxis are everywhere, almost at every crossroads, there is always a motorcycle taxi, especially if the region was not skipped other public city transport. I also use these services every day for going to the office. Actually, from home to office, I can ride public transportation, which is usually called Angkot, the form of public transportation vehicles minibus colt. However, with public transportation vehicles, I have changed vehicles twice. First, the public transportation from BSD to the Victor. Second, the public transportation from Victor to Muncul. And that’s if everything smoothly up to the destination, public transportation drivers sometimes turn back before reaching the destination because there are no passengers except me. So, for me, who should arrived at the office, before at 7.30, it is the only one of the fastest vehicle is motorcycle taxi driver.

Although sometimes the more disturbing presence of other vehicles, motorcycle taxis are expected, such as Cinta Laura Kiehl says with her distinctive style “tired, jams, rain, no motorcycles“, in Bahasa Indonesia ‘capek, macet, hujan, ga ada Ojek‘. It was true, when the rainy season comes, the streets in Jakarta to be extraordinary breakdown, the driver as parked vehicles on the highway, then the only way is getting out of the car and looking for motorcycles or Ojek. 🙂

Photo from Mr Google