Being Forty-Four

This morning, I was 44 years old
Yeah…my mom told me that I was born in the morning
As a daddy’s girl, I really noticed
But it didn’t make me be spoiled
Two years later, my first sister was born
I grew up as the eldest daughter with 3 young sisters, and I also have 1 brother
Strict educated father and mother who made me so self-disciplined
Study and work hard, no desire to waste time
Trying to achieve goals and love
I have never regretted my days, although there was the bitterness and the disappointments
all I faced with tears for a moment and stepped back strong

Now, I was 44 years
Living with a husband who was chosen by God and the three lovely children
My life was not without disappointment and the pain, but God always strengthen me
Strive every day to be a better person, better mother, and better wife
Pull the foot back step on the right path
Sometimes the fatigue also comes when I am not young anymore

But God, thank you for your guidance in my life
Praise the Lord … today I received so many congratulations, prayers and the attention
I feel happy surrounded by so many friends and relatives and the beloved family
I send my gratitude to You, Lord

Being 44 is making me happier in GOD’s hand

The picture is from Ms Google – I am still waiting someone send me 🙂

4 thoughts on “Being Forty-Four

  1. Sekali lagi selamat ya jeng…
    ternyata kita sama ya… anak tertua dari 4 bersaudara, dengan satu adik laki-laki!
    Bedanya anakku cuma 2 😀

  2. Imelda….makasiiiih…..iya, aku anak cewe tertua, tapi aku anak nomer dua….sudah tidak muda lagi yaa…..menjelang 50….mari bersiap…

  3. bu adjeeeng, putrinya mirip2 smua ama bu adjeng loooh… hehehe… senangnya berulang tahun di tengah keluarga… ngucapin lagi ah : selamat ya buuu ^^

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