Marriage Partner from GOD

This article is written to answer the question, which is the best way for you to choose your marriage partner.

Marriage is a unity which combines two people from different backgrounds, become one. Nowadays, making a decision to get married for some people is rather difficult. Some people feel afraid of divorce, miscomunication or misunderstanding. To avoid all of the things mentioned above, there are some ways to choose a marriage partner.

First, we can choose a partner which has the same religion with us. If we have the same religion, we will have the same way of thinking and way of life. For example, we will go to pray together everyday to the same God. We will go to the Church on Sundays or to the Mosque on Fridays together. Also we can celebrate the Holy day with all members of our big families. It will be more peaceful in our heart and also our partner’s. Everyday, we can learn and read our Bible together. Moreover, we will do all of these with our children when we will get married and have kids.

Second, we have to learn our partner’s behavior before choosing one of them. We have to find a partner who is caring and loving to us. If we do not find this behavior on someone who we love, may be we can show him or her how to care and to love. Because we will find many difficulties later when we get married with uncaring partner. For example, they will not care when you are ill or sick or maybe when we have a problem in our job, etc.

Third, another way to choose is communication. Is she or he always helpful and open-minded and understanding? All of these things we can see or feel from our communication between me and our partner. How can we feel happy if our partner is very busy with his or her job and has no time to communicate, even by telephone, email or short message service? Please, think about it.

Finally, in my opinion, the best way to choose a marriage partner is having the same religion and he or she does the activity of his or her religion very good. I mean, he or she is religious. I am not a fanatic person, but if we find someone religious, our life will be peaceful and full of happiness. Even though, your partner and you will find many problems in your life (your marriage life). We can pray together to the same God and ask for helping us to solve or to find a solution for our problem. How could it be, if you have a partner, who never pray and trust in God? All religions in this world teach is goodness and a kindness, so I think, this is the best way to choose a marriage partner….

3 thoughts on “Marriage Partner from GOD

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  2. The same religion also becomes my first point, but for a different reason: Because that’s what my parents want. I don’t really mind with having different religions as long as we can respect each other. And I’m a type of person who really respect diversion. But again, my parents won’t allow it. And a girl can’t get married without her father’s approval. So, yeah…

  3. Dear Kisenosky, thank for reading this, it is not easy but I am sure you could, pray to GOD, say to HIM which the specific man that you really want to marry you…it always work in HIS time…

    When I was young, it also happened to me and I gave GOD all my tears. I couldn’t always quarrel with my parents and fought for the difference. GOD bless you

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