Why does Mama go to Work ?

resize-of-b2teob-cpns-rus-wahono-412In Jakarta, there are many working mothers at this time. So, there are many reasons for a mother for having a job.

First, some women want to actualize themselves. Many women study at universities and after they get married and have children, they still work for actualization.

Second, some need extra money to support their family finance because living in Jakarta is difficult enough at this time. Although their spouse, I mean a father, has a responsibility for his family, the mother has to help too, because they have to take their children to go to good school. In addition, they have to pay for a renting house or a car, etc.

Third, as good as they can by choosing the available jobs that depend on their time. So they still have time for their family, especially for their children. If they have more time and the children are not less than twelve, they can get a full time job, but if they have a little child, it is better to get a part time job.

Sometimes, a good working mother is a woman who can manage her time for jobs and family well 🙂

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