I'd be a Veterinarian

My name is Leona Aditia Arum. I used to be called Arum. I am a veterinarian. I like my job because I really loved animals. For me, animals can not treat themselves when they are sick. So I want to help them, and also hope that they grow into the healthy animals. In my house, there are 2 dogs (Golden Retriever and Shitzu), 1 chicken, 4 birds and some fish. I want to dog breeding and want to have a famous kennel.

I would like to thank to my father because he allowed me to have dogs at home, but especially to my mother because she did not only allow me, but she also helped me take care of all my pets. She fed my pets if I was busy with my homework. She and I also take the dogs to the doctor for vaccination. Every Saturday, my mother and I took dogs bathing.


(Leona Aditia Arum Silalahi, SD Stella Maris, VI B)

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  1. Trimksh tante Imelda…karangannya diedit mama jg lho, sedikit-sedikit….hehe…

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