Arrived at the Border

womenWhen this body and soul was tired, the body also could not move her hands again. When the heart screamed like crying. The body and soul is very tired, everything is expected to be perfect. Mom has limits. Mom’s not a machine, which should begin to move at 03.30 every morning to wake up, cooking water, cooking rice, preparing breakfast, preparing lunch to school, to prepare water for bathing, bathing her son, feed the dog and clean the cage. She goes to work, then she works at the office. Coming home, cleaning house, cooking for dinner, feeding the dogs, cleaning cages, sweeping the house, bathing, feeding her son, accompany her daughter learning and then washing and drying clothes and fell asleep after a late night. What should be done again? In addition to just pray about the power of God.

Has Mom ever felt the heartache?

Has Mom (wanted to) shout so loud but no one (wanted to) hear Mom?

Has Mom hid in the bedroom and cry all night?

Has Mom ever forced to stay at home because Mom was a mother who must perform her duties as a mother?

Has Mom ever felt like ‘outsiders’?

Has Mom ever felt like no one understands Mom?

Has Mom ever wished you were someone else?

Has Mom sacrificed all hers, but has not get anything to pay her back?

Has Mom ever wanted to read the book but there is no more energy left?

Has Mom ever wanted to wake up sleeping longer but had to get up to prepare breakfast?

Has Mom felt her husband and children do not care?

Has Mom never had time for herself?

Has Mom ever wanted to watch television but had to wash clothes?

Has Mom ever wanted to sit down to rest after work but had to cook for dinner?

Has Mom ever felt that the husband did not want to hear her complaints ?

Has Mom ever felt the children ignore her existence ?

Has Mom ever felt like stuck?

Has Mom ever feel that life is not worth living?

Has Mom ever felt like she can not find out who really she is?

Has Mom find all the answers to her questions ?

or … Does Mom want this soul apart from the body right now and leave all she has this time?

Everything has been done to her husband, children and families, but, does Mom has to accept and receive a resentment or a punishment of failure, failure and damage of something? Mom has a limitation, Mom’s tired. Only God’s love can through all the trouble and give her a strength from heaven.

(Written on September 29, 2009 and translated by me on today)

5 thoughts on “Arrived at the Border

  1. Mom is our hero , she works very hard for us. So also loves her family. So, is our obligation to appreciate and take care our mom.

  2. Cry and write uneg-uneg like the above, spilling everything and beg for God’s help, it gives tremendous impact on my life (actually I was aware of it several times), but in times of difficulty and distress that comes, often we (I ) forget that I have the Lord Jesus who is faithful to help me.

    Some time after writing what I feel (and of course, not necessarily true), I gain strength and capacity doubled from God. I was enabled to see that I had not as desperate as I thought. This is not a thing. I should be able to face and overcome this. Many people, who suffered humiliation, torture and violence in prison (whether actual prisons) or where he was.

    Oh God, thank you for all the favors that may be felt to this day. Your aid was incredible. Believe me, friends, wherever you are, whoever you are, you will have tremendous power, if we seek help from HIM.

  3. Jeng aku pake bahasa indonesia ya…….

    Bahagialah wanita yang sudah menjadi mom seperti dalam uraian ajeng….dan aku melihat ajeng sudah memenuhi itu…..
    untuk aku betapa sulitnya menjadi seperti itu tapi mudah-mudahan dengan melihat ajeng sebagai contoh ibu yang baik aku bisa menuju ke arah sana….
    Unek-unek sedikit …….ajeng sangat menikmati kebersamaan dengan buah hati dan suami dan aku melihat sangat-sangat nikmat ……dan aku belum bisa seperti itu dengan sedikitnya waktu ketemu dengan keluarga dan kesenangan aku untuk berlama-lama di kantor kenikmatan itu belum aku nikmati seperti ajeng menikmatinya……….tks ya jeng atas sharenya dengan membaca blog ajeng rasanya banyak pencerahan yang aku dapat tks pren

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