Be Kind to Myself

I no longer chase anything or anyone. I do what I want, especially what are my interests and passions.  Friends who disagree and want to leave me, please go and leave me alone. I won’t get in the way..

Everybody who have forgotten how to love me, can go. I do not have energy to chase what is not for me. Life is too short for me to run miles for people who don’t take steps for me. I do not want to force anybody, please let me know.

I am in a phase to enjoy my life and my work.  I need to work on mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being fully present and aware of where I am, who I am with, and what I am doing – without being distracted by thoughts, judgments or emotions from myself or from anybody.

I need time to relax, have fun, be productive, explore new things, and develop healthy relationships. I do everything what I want and it should be good for my soul. 

So, what am I doing now? I am still working as an Govt Officer, a mother and also a wife, but I do more for myself such as reading books, drawing, writing and singing. I like to share every thing that might be useful for others and it makes me happy.

That’s all. It’s time to be kind to myself.

Have a nice weekend

Fri, Oct 21