Happy Blessed 20th Birthday

Dear Siampudan, Daniel,

Happy Blessed 20th Birthday

In youth, you spread your bodies so wide,
Two decades now, with strength and pride.
A trip from a child to a man,
Happy 20th, my dearest son, my biggest addict.

The world is yours, with dreams so grandly,
With every time, you touch the sky.
In your heart, may love and wisdom grow,
As the winds of time continue to blow.

You’ve faced challenges, both big and small,
Yet, you’ve risen, standing altitudinous.
May your future be a stupendous sight,
Filled with joy, love, and endless light.

So then is to you, my son so dear,
On this corner of your 20th time.
With a heart full of stopgap, and dreams so grand,
Happy birthday, as you continue to understand.

You are the treasure of my life, my pride and joy,
ever my little boy, my man, my boy.

Mama and best greetings from Pa, Kak Dita n Kak Arum