Finalis Indonesian Photopoem Contest I

Puisiku yang berjudul Cinta dalam Rintik Hujan (Amor en la Iluvia), lolos dalam Kontes Foto Puisi (Photo Poem Contest) masuk dalam 10 Finalis. Bahagia dan bersyukur sekali, walau belum menjadi juaranya. Ini kali pertama puisiku diterjemahkan kedalam Bahasa Spanyol.
#septemberceria semoga tak pernah berakhir #deLaras Thank God. Terima kasih mbak Rini Valentina
Pengumuman dari Panita Indonesian Photopoem Contest I : (Plates, medals and certificates will be distributed soon)
  • Writer / Editor / Translator : Rini Valentina, Executive Director of Photopoema Indonesia
  • Writer / Vice President of Asih Sasami Indonesia Foundation : Hania / Nia Rohania


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INNSAEI Journal, September 2021 : Poem “Behind The Glass”

POEM “Behind The Glass” I am so flattered and happy. It is my pleasure and honor to share my poem, ‘Behind The Glass’, published in the September 2021 issue of the prestigious INNSAEI Journal

Volume II September 2021

Many thanks the poet Orbindu Ganga and the editorial board of the journal.

I wrote this poem from a true story. I write from the bottom of my heart. So many people have to be separated from loved ones because they have to self-isolate. This poem gives hope to everyone not to worry about the power of deep love and compassion. The world will recover from the virus and the pandemic will pass.

Behind The Glass

Fingers dancing
Above the typewriter keys
Don’t want to cry anymore

Although the distance stretched
Behind the glass of the isolation room
Poetry sheets scattered
In between sips of coffee without sugar
I really miss you
Counting the days
To meet again
This quarantine period stifling my heart
There is a fear of losing you
But I believe that we will meet
I know we are both strong to face this situation
Because the roots of our love are strong and deep
I love you and keep praying for you

By de Laras (Diadjeng Laraswati Hanindyani)
August 9, 2021

Hope you like it, hope you are excited to undergo these days, my dear friends. Looking forward to your comments.


Note :

INNSÆI is an Online International English Literary Journal published monthly.
INNSÆI is a platform for upcoming writers and to spread the message of peace and humanity. We also welcome unpublished oeuvres of established writers. We have a strong Editorial Board with a blend of well-established and new talents who will be reading all the submissions. We are blessed to have the guidance of literary connoisseurs in our Advisory Board.


Selamat Hari Puisi Indonesia

Jari jemari menari
Di atas tombol mesin tik
Tak ingin menangis lagi
Walau jarak terbentang
Di balik kaca kamar isoman
Lembar kertas puisi bertebaran
Di antara sesap kopi tanpa gula

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Catatan :
Hari Puisi Indonesia dari hari lahir Chairil Anwar, 26 Juli 1922
Hari Puisi Nasional dari hari wafat Chairil Anwar, 28 April 1949