Weekly ALS Poetry Contest #219

#ALSWeeklyPoetryContest #219

The Pile of Old Photograph

In an old box in a drawer, neglected and dusty
I found a pile of old photos,
as old as the house I visited today
A pile of photos left just like that
Even though so many memories are left behind
Photos as proof that love existed
Memories of the love of two people
The children who were born and grew up from the marriage
Love shared with each other, priceless day of joy
The photos that showed everyone smiling and happy
Now it’s all gone, the picture lay shattered in an old box
The box that was nearly crushed and neglected
Memories that are truly precious and valuable
Memories of the past are stored in black and white,
Slowly fading by time with the passing of the day
Those photos will surely crumble and rot
But the memories are still there
A time in the past when everything was fine,
Even though everyone forgets those beautiful memories,
but I always keep it as a priceless memory


de laras, Jan 24, 2022